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The Puzzle Michele Wilson story begins in 1975 in a small village in Burgundy. In her workshop, Michele Wilson passionately creates singular puzzles. Thanks to the use of the jigsaw, artisans hand-cut each piece, giving it a different shape - each piece is therefore unique. Pieces follow the hand movement of the artisan and are inspired by the different colour lines, customised according to the character of each artwork… This highlights the many intricate details of each painting. The skies are cut in pieces shaped as clouds, the buildings - in pieces which give the impression of scale, volume and depth of field. Assembling the puzzle becomes a game for two, where we seek to avoid the 0 leads and ‘traps’ set by the artisan. 


In his novel ‘Life: A User's Manual’ (Hachette 1978), Georges Perec describes the appeal of artisanal puzzles:


‘Only when put together do the pieces take on a clearly defined character and meaning, alone, a single piece does not say anything; it is solely an impossible question, an impenetrable challenge; two pieces miraculously put together become one, and in turn become reason to make mistakes, hesitate, they cause disorder, they make us wait. The role of a puzzle maker is difficult to define. It is not the subject of the painting nor the artist’s technique which bring the difficulty of the puzzle but the subtly of its cut, and an unpredictable cut would inevitably add an unpredictable difficulty. This is not a solitary game (despite appearances). Each gesture of the one assembling the puzzle, the puzzle maker has done prior, each piece, each hope, each discouragement, each fumbling, each intuition have been decided, calculated, studied by that last.’ 

Adult puzzles

Our wooden puzzles are more difficult than standard puzzles and above all, much more interesting to assemble. Adults re-discovering this pastime usually practised when they were little appreciate the moment spent with the artwork tete-a-tete, and the calmness it brings. Enthusiasts put their puzzles back in the box, to enjoy the pleasure of putting them together once more at a later time. The lovers of fine things often frame them, to amaze their friends: the very fine blade of the jigsaw slips in the lines of the artwork and is almost invisible once the puzzle is completed.  

Children puzzles

Thanks to puzzles, children develop their sense of observation and the dexterity necessary to place each piece in the right spot. Assembling a puzzle requires concentration and patience. It is a holistic educational game which develops the skills of reasoning, analysis and deduction. It also encourages the discovery of the many details of a beautiful children’s illustration, an artwork by a famous artist or learning geography with a puzzle representing the map of France, for example.


An unique know-how for exceptional puzzles…

Children and adults alike can enjoy assembling a puzzle, discovering an artwork, and experience the satisfaction which comes from ‘finding the right piece’. Puzzles Michele Wilson are 100% made in France and hand cut following an unique method customised to each subject. The puzzles are made out of poplar wood, with respect for the environment. The know-how of Puzzle Michele Wilson has been awarded a Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. 

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