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Your loyalty program

Online and in-store, your loyalty is now rewarded, it's automatic you've got nothing to do!

Each purchase is recorded in your customer account and results in:
  • -after 4 purchases at a 10% discount code, and
  • -after 9 purchases at a 15% discount code.

You will receive your discount code by email the ledemain of the purchase that triggers it. It will be valid for one year on the purchase of your choice, in store and on our site. You can find it at any time in your customer area on our website and also in store:-)


Questions about this? Here are some answers! :-)

What are the obligations?
You must have a customer account with us, so that the purchases are cumulative. This account is "multi-channel": you use the same one in store, by phone, by mail, on the internet. Purchases must be made only from the "Puzzle Michèle Wilson" shops and on our website

I’m used to shopping in stores...
No problem. If you already have a customer account with us, purchases are cumulative from October 1, 2019. If you have never created a customer record, now is the time!

I made my 4th/9th purchase, what happens now?
Bravo, and thank you for your loyalty! Your discount will be generated tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. It comes in the form of a "gift card" code, usable for 1 year, on the internet or in store.

How can I receive my gift card?
The gift card is automatically sent to the email address linked to your account. Puzzle Michèle Wilson also has access to the gift card number in your customer account.

I didn’t get an email!
Have you filled in your email? If so, check your "spam" folderIf you have never given us your address, do not hesitate to write us an email so that we link your customer account to your email address.Don’t worry, your gift cards are readable by clicking on the "my coupons" button in your online customer area.

I can’t create an online account: the site tells me that the account already exists!
If you gave us your in-store email address, the site already knows who you are... but you never gave it a password! Simply click on "forgotten password" to generate a new one. Bravo, now your purchases are accumulated also when you order online!

How does my gift card work?
In store or by phone, you simply tell us that you have a loyalty discount, we find it in your account.Online, you must copy the code of your card in the field "enter your card number", , click "OK". , appears an article "giftcard2", of a negatif amount of 10 or 15% of the total purchases in the basket.

How long is my gift card valid?
Your 10% or 15% discount is valid for 1 year from the day of its generation. You can use it on the purchase of your choice. Both codes cannot be cumulated each other.

I entered the card number in my shopping cart, but the amount indicated is incorrect...
If you added items after you entered your card number, it did not take them into account. Delete the item "giftcard2" and paste the number again in the field "card number". the amount should now be correct!

Can I use my loyalty discount during the sale?
This offer is not cumulative with other discounts in progress.

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