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How to assemble one's puzzle ?

Preparing to assemble your Puzzle Michèle Wilson

Look at the pieces, each one is different. As the cut follows the depicted subject, ensuring the puzzle is beautiful and more difficult, the pieces have less curls than in an ordinary puzzle and move a little bit more. Assemble the puzzle on a non-slippery surface, like a Puzzleturner or a Jigboard or a piece of paper covered in repositionable glue.   


Assembling your Puzzle Michèle Wilson

Start by separating the border pieces and by turning all pieces image upwards. First, put together the borders. , look at the shape of the piece you would like to place next and try to identify it within the remaining pieces. The pieces fit together perfectly, never apply force to fit them together. Don’t discourage, sometimes we can’t place a single piece in 10 minutes and , place 3 or 4 one after the other. 


Turn over and glue your puzzle together.

To glue your puzzle together, you can use light 505 glue, repositionable 404 glue or permanent 303 glue. You can also use scotch tape, placing strips 3mm apart. Start by placing strips of scotch tape on the outside and work your way towards the centre, to make sure the pieces move as little as possible. 


The puzzle featured here is ‘Hommage à Blériot’ by Delaunay in 80 pieces. Find it here. 

here is a video of "How to tape your puzzle with puzzle magic fix" (in French)

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