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effect of snow


Item : A1231-1200


900 TO 1200 PIECES



Hand-cut art wooden jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces - Made in France and environmentally friendly.

Sold in a luxurious box.

This painting by Claude Monet entitled 'Snow effect in Argenteuil' represents the town of Argenteuil in 1870 seen from the window of the artist. Situated to the North-East of Paris, Argenteuil was at the time nothing but a town on the banks of the Seine. Monet depicted the silhouettes of the travellers taking the snow-covered road leadng to the pink station.

Winter landscapes offered Monet and the Impressionists a chance to experiment with light effects and the play of colours on the snow. As a puzzle, you can enjoy assembling every touch of the painter and could approach his artistic vision as close as possible.

Size: 54 x 45 cm approx.


puzzle michele wilson

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