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Item : A373-1500


1500 TO 2500 PIECES



Hand-cut art wooden jigsaw puzzle of 1500 pieces - Made in France and environmentally friendly.

Sold in a luxurious box.

The three panels of this 1502 triptych by Bosch are displayed at the Prado Museum in Madrid. On the left, we see Paradise where three scenes show the creation of Adam and Eve, the original sin and the expulsion from Eden, almost as if they were intended as strips in a comic book. On the right, we see Hell and the divine punishments. The central panel shows Life where all social classes try to gain their share of straw, which symbolises money and pleasure.

Each panel is in a different bag - up to you whether you mix them to make assembling the puzzle more difficult. The puzzle cut highlights the many painted characters: the charlatans in the foreground, the mighty behind the cart, the fantastical creatures shooting at them. The pleasure of putting this puzzle together comes from the infinite number of details you will find, all stemming from the incredible imagination of Hieronymus Bosch.

Size: 66 x 46 cm (approx.)

3 panels in 3 separate bags ( 16 x 46 cm, 34x 46 cm, 16 x 46 cm)

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