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cheval bleu


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Michele Wilson jigsaw puzzles are fun, educational, and designed with children in mind

- a real challenge for the brainy ones! Each piece is different.
-Pedagogical border pieces help children start from the outside
-The colorful images are created by renowned illustrators of children’s books
-The pieces are easy to put away and carry around, thanks to the design of the plastic case.

Franz Marc was a German painter born in 1880. With his friend Kandinsky, he found a group of artists called the "Blue Rider” - Marc loved horses and Kandinsky loved the colour blue. Look at the horse on the painting. Marc drew him using round shapes to show that he is still young. For him, horses represented nature at its most beautiful. Marc also thought there was a link between colour and music. Through colour, he created the shapes of the mountain, the trees… The drawing takes shape solely using different colours. The colours are bright, the painting - fast.

The puzzles are eco-friendly and made from wood from renewable forests.

12 pieces: 3 - 5 years
Size: 21 x 29 cm (approx.)

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