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l'homme potager


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Michele Wilson jigsaw puzzles are fun, educational, and designed with children in mind

- a real challenge for the brainy ones! Each piece is different.
-Pedagogical border pieces help children start from the outside
-The colorful images are created by renowned illustrators of children’s books
-The pieces are easy to put away and carry around, thanks to the design of the plastic case.

Arcimboldo was a XVI century Italian painter. He is known for his composite portraits, made up of different objects. For example, he painted a portrait of a librarian solely using books and another of summer solely using fruits. This painting is of a basket of fruit but if we turn it upside down, a man appears!

The puzzles are eco-friendly and made from wood from renewable forests.

12 pieces: 3-5 years
Size: 21 x 29 cm (approx.)

23.00 €

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