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la joconde


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Michele Wilson jigsaw puzzles are fun, educational, and designed with children in mind
- a real challenge for the brainy ones! Each piece is different.
Pedagogical border pieces help children start from the outside
The colorful images are created by renowned illustrators of children’s books
In a beautiful cardboard box made from recycled materials which opens and closes easily.

The puzzles are eco-friendly and made from wood from renewable forests. The Joconde, or Portrait of Mona Lisa (Mona meaning ‘Madam’ in Italian) is a Leonardo Da Vinci oil portrait painted between 1503 - 1506. It is the most widely known painting in the Louvre in Paris! In Italian, ‘giocondo’ means ‘happy, serene’. Leonardo surely painted not solely the portrait of a woman but the portrait of an expression. Famous for her iconic smile, Mona Lisa seems to follow you with her eyes as you look at the painting from different angles.

50 pieces : 7 to 10 years old
size : 29 x 21 cm (approx.)

puzzle michele wilson

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