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Michele Wilson jigsaw puzzles are fun, educational, and designed with children in mind
- a real challenge for the brainy ones! Each piece is different.
-Pedagogical border pieces help children start from the outside
-The colorful images are created by renowned illustrators of children’s books
-In a beautiful cardboard box made from recycled materials which opens and closes easily.

This puzzle is perfect to learn or memorise whilst having fun. Thanks to the cut which follows each department and to the different colour of each region, we discover the geography of France. The detailed map shows most cities of over 20,000 inhabitants.
To help you assemble it, there is a list of all the departments, their codes and the prefectures.

Fun game: Place all pieces on the table, turned downwards so you do not see the image. Each player takes a piece and places it, image upwards, in front of him/her. If a player picks a piece with a coloured region other players already have, s/he takes their pieces and starts assembling the region. The player who picks the last piece of the region is the one who keeps all assembled pieces, and the entire region, in front of him/her. The winner is the player who has assembled the most regions.

The puzzles are eco-friendly and made from wood from renewable forests.

100 pieces : from 8 to 12 years old
Size : 30 x 30 cm (approx.)

puzzle michele wilson

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