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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To see how to assemble a puzzle, click here. 

I only have 244 pieces in my 250-piece puzzle.

Our puzzle cut is artisanal, meaning that in a ‘ca. 250-piece puzzle’, our artisans strive to cut 250 pieces but depending on the subject of the artwork, there could be a few more or a few extra pieces (up to a 5% margin of deviation). Rest assured and assemble your puzzles without a single worry, there are no pieces missing. 

BOITE-ORDRE The boxes are arranged by colour corresponding to the number of pieces. The number of pieces is given as a guide, there may be a little more or a little less.

I have the impression that I’m missing a piece…

Finish your puzzle, to be sure. Even if you are experienced in putting puzzles together, you can be surprised by the form and colour of a piece. 

I lost a piece, or my cat ate a piece.

We can cut a new piece for any puzzle of 500 pieces or more, for the cost of 30 euros per piece. For the purpose, you need to send us about 20 pieces surrounding the missing piece (about 2 crowns around the hole), assembled and glued with a repositionable glue onto a supporting piece of cardboard or post-it. You can also keep them assembled wrapping them with clingfilm. Careful, never use adhesive tape on the pieces. Indicate the title of the puzzle and enclose the receipt as proof of purchase, and send everything to PMW 97 avenue Emile Zola 75015 Paris. The delay for repairs is approximately a month. If your puzzle is old and no longer part of our catalogue, or made by a different company, we will provide you with a different cost estimate, depending on the work necessary for the repair, the thickness of the wood etc. 

BANDEAU-CHAT Our cat friends love our pieces !
I am missing a piece !

Despite the great care we employ in making our puzzles, and the triple quality control when separating pieces and putting them into boxes, this can very rarely happen. If you are missing one piece, we can re-cut it the same way we perform repairs, for puzzles of 500 pieces or more. For puzzles of 350 pieces or less, we would exchange your puzzle with a new one. 

I have an extra piece!

This also happens very rarely. Most often, if the piece is wooden on both sides and doesn’t have an image on it, it is simply a protective layer and you can throw it away. If the piece has a cardboard back of a colour different to all your other pieces, it probably belongs to another puzzle. We would be grateful if you can send it back to us, indicating the title of your puzzle. 

PONT-PIECE Focus on "Pont d'Argenteuil" (A246-500) and his cutting lines.

How can I exchange a puzzle?

Do you have the same puzzle twice, do you prefer a puzzle with more pieces, or do you prefer a Chagall to a Brueghel? You can return your puzzle, provided the cellophane wrap over the box has not been opened, within three months of purchase. We will exchange it or give you a voucher valid for one year for the same amount that you paid for the purchase originally. We unfortunately cannot accept and exchange puzzles which have been opened. 

BOUTIQUE-PUZZLES Here is one of our shops, rue de la Folie Méricourt in Paris.

Why are wooden art puzzles more difficult than standard puzzles?


The cut of our puzzles follows the subject of the painting. The artisans cut each piece differently, following the different colour lines. For example, the fairer reflections of a sail over the water may be cut as one single piece. And as each piece is of a different shape, you cannot group them according to shape. 

DECOUPE-A250 See how the cutting line follows the pattern of the painting.

How should I start my first ever puzzle Michele Wilson?

As you like! But our regular customers often start by turning all the pieces with the image upwards, separate the border pieces and start from the outside. Look out for traps. A corner might be made up of two separate pieces. Closely look at the puzzle, to determine the shape of the piece you are looking for. Try to find it amidst the remaining pieces. The pieces fit together very easily, never apply force to mount them together. Never discourage, sometimes we find no pieces which fit together for 10 minutes and afterwards, we put 3 or 4 one after the other. 

The see how to assemble a puzzle, click here. 

What are the best conditions to put together my puzzle?

Look at the pieces, they are all different and might have less curls than the pieces you are used to. As the cut follows the depicted image, so that the puzzle is more beautiful and more difficult, you might initially find that the pieces move a lot. You should mount them on a non-slippery surface, like a Puzzleturner, a Jigboard or a Jigmat or on a piece of paper covered in repositionable glue. 

Click here for information on how to assemble a puzzle. 

REGLE This square ruler allows you to set an angle of the puzzle during its realization.

Why are wooden art puzzles more beautiful when framed?

The jigsaw cutting blade is very fine and its trace is almost invisible. As the cut follows the lines of the artwork, once the puzzle is finished, you will almost not notice it. 

Everything on Puzzle Michèle Wilson, just here!

How can I frame my puzzle?

Thanks to the different accessories we offer, you can turn over your puzzle and glue its back. Use our glues, or simple scotch tape, placed in parallel lines 3mm apart. Start by placing scotch bands on the outside and move towards the inside, so that the puzzle pieces move as little as possible. Once glued together, the puzzle can be framed. We offer plexiglass frames but you can also choose a different one of your liking. 


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