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Free shipment from 89€ for delivery in metropolitan France

Bespoke puzzles

Life is full of moments we want to share.

To help you celebrate special and unique occasions, Puzzle Michele Wilson offers bespoke puzzles of your own images: family photos, house photos, travel snaps, reproduction of your works of art…

    To make the puzzle, we would need:
  • The photo you have chosen, printed in the size of the puzzle format you have chosen, printed on paper 160 grammes thick. We will not be returning this photo, it will be used in the making of your puzzle. 

  • Specify the title of the puzzle to appear on the side of the box and, if you wish, a small accompanying text. 

  • If you would like the image to appear on the top lid of the box (to help when assembling the puzzle), don’t forget to provide us with a second, smaller copy of your photo.

  • Making takes approximately 3 weeks. Would you like to offer a photo puzzle for Christmas?

    Give us your photo before 15 November so we can guarantee delivery before Christmas. 


    Formats are indicative, we can make photo puzzles of any size.

    Special offer: 3 puzzles of the same image for the price of 2!

    Decreasing prices for orders over 6 puzzles of the same photo

    Professional rates for orders over 50 copies

    Call us at 0+33 (0)1 45 75 35 28 or mail us at contact@puzzlemichelewilson.com

    Adult jigsaw

    Size Approximate Number of pieces Price for 1 puzzle Packaging
    10 x 15 cm 80 65,00 € Luxury box*
    15 x 21 cm 150 95,00 € Luxury box*
    21 x 26 cm 250 160,00 € Luxury box*
    24 x 30 cm 350 210,00 € Luxury box*
    32 x 42 cm 650 360,00 € Luxury box*
    40 x 50 cm 1000 490,00 € Luxury box*

    Children jigsaw

    Size Approximate Number of pieces Price for 1 puzzle Packaging
    21 x 29 cm 12 59,00 € Kraft box**
    21 x 29 cm 24 69,00 € Kraft box**
    21 x 29 cm 50 85,00 € Kraft box**
    21 x 29 cm 100 99,00 € Kraft box**

    * Metal box packaging: 5 € extra charge

    ** Luxury box packaging: 5 € extra charge

    Delivery cost: 8 € in Metropolitan France, 15 € in Europe

    If you would like multiple copies of the same photo puzzle, contact us for a personalised price quote.


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