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the island at chatou


Item : A1262-1000


900 TO 1200 PIECES



Hand-cut art wooden jigsaw puzzle of circa 1000 pieces - Made in France and environmentally friendly.

Fabienne Delacroix is a figurative French painter who lives and works in Paris. In this recent work, she represents the Fournaise house, a refuge situated on the Impressionists' island of Chatou, to the west of Paris. The refuge welcomed numerous artists such as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and Gustave Caillebotte.

Travel to the world of the Impressionists with this work which pays them tribute. You might have recognized the garden of the refuge: it is the set of the famous Luncheon of the boating party by Renoir. Each piece of this puzzle is an invitation to rediscover this iconic site!

Size: 51x39 cm approx.


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